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This Wednesday, September 25, 2019 Congolese refugees gathered again in big number at their community in Kampala. They are currently discussing matter concerning the “Self-reliance” programme which they launched as a motto for this year and which encourages members to have in mind the entrepreneurship habitude. The Community received also the Director, Darasa Education and Development Foundation who … Read the rest



The picture shows Lawyer Frederic Biguru Kayabu during the introduction programme to the Netherland




1. While in DR Congo


Lawyer Frederic Biguru Kayabu is a motivated young lawyer and human rights defender from the Eastern of DRC, Uvira.

a. Education and research

He is a holder of a Bachelor Degree in … Read the rest

UNHCR, OPM prepare for possible surge in refugee arrivals from neighbouring DRC and South Sudan

Newly arrived refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo at Kyaka reception centre in South-western Uganda. Refugees are registered and provided shelter and food assistance before they are transported into the refugee settlements where the government of Uganda has already demarcated plots of land for each refugee family.  © Duniya Khan

Thousands of refugees have continued to arrive in Uganda … Read the rest

UNHCR Corruption: Resettlement Spots for a Price

Nayla Rush is a senior researcher at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Since ‘vulnerability’ is no longer the key to selecting refugees for resettlement, does that mean bribery is?

A story about alleged corruption in refugee resettlement at the UN refugee agency was published recently by NBC News.1 The seven-month investigation into refugee processing centers in five countries — … Read the rest

WORLD Asylum for sale: Whistleblowers say U.N. refugee agency does not always address corruption

seven-month investigation found reports of U.N. staff members exploiting refugees desperate for a safe home in a new country.

Image: Gratien Zimy Ntezimisi, a refugee whistleblower, standing outside UNHCR's headquarters in Kampala, Uganda, in January 2019.

Gratien Zimy Ntezimisi, a refugee whistleblower, outside UNHCR’s headquarters in Kampala, Uganda, in January.Sally Hayden

April 7, 2019, 1:00 PM GMT+2

By Sally Hayden

This is the second story in a three-part series about alleged corruption in refugee resettlement. Click here Read the rest

Gaps in the education support to refugees in Kampala


A big number of refugee children have no access to education in Uganda. The few who attend schools are supported by their parents and sometimes by some NGOs operating in Kampala. Refugee parents are willing to educate their children but they have no possibility because education is very expensive either in Government schools or in private schools. Government schools … Read the rest

«Retour des exilés politiques en RDC»: Cette mesure ignore-t-elle des Congolais lambda recherchés comme Djodjo Kikunga ?


Dans son discours d’investiture, le 24 janvier 2019, et tout récemment au cours de la présentation de son programme d’urgence de 100 jours, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, nouveau Président de la République démocratique du Congo, a annoncé la libération des prisonniers politiques de même que le retour au pays des exilés politiques et d’opinion. Mais, cette mesure présidentielle salutaire ne Read the rest