This Wednesday, September 25, 2019 Congolese refugees gathered again in big number at their community in Kampala. They are currently discussing matter concerning the “Self-reliance” programme which they launched as a motto for this year and which encourages members to have in mind the entrepreneurship habitude. The Community received also the Director, Darasa Education and Development Foundation who promised to build a strong partnership with the CRCU in order to have refugee children on their record for education grant. A topic on behavior change was also introduced.

The Director, Darasa Education and Development Foundation talked to the attendees about their programme of supporting refugee children countrywide with education grant. 43,000 refugee children are expected by their programme. The partnership with the CRCU will enable the Darasa to get children identified and registered quickly then recommendations will be made by the President of the CRCU. Congolese parents were advised to contact the CRCU offices for contact and documentations. From the CRCU it will be easy for the Darasa to have access to refugee children from other nationalities namely Ethiopians, Eritreans and Burundians, he stated. It was with a lot of happiness that the members of the community received the news related education support for their children from the Darasa Education and Development Foundation. The Director emphasized on the support to the President of the Community by the members for the efforts he is gathering in order to have all kinds of support the community members need.

The women also exhibited some of the items they have so far fabricated under the Art and Craft training program. The flower bowls and pots were made from recycled plastic bottles, rice, soya beans, chalk … they also exhibited some necklaces and jewelry made from beads. The picture below is showing the result of the training they underwent for a period of three weeks. With the contribution of the trainees these works were made possible. However, more things were to be done in the limitation they are facing due to the lack of funds or support.

Under the behavior change the members of the community were advised to keep focused more on the future by educating their mind in a way that they should live without being obstructed by their refugee condition. Learning a skill is never wasting time because your future might depend on it. The skills like the knowledge of a language, training in catering, tailoring, driving … all are useful skills that can apply in everyone’s life. No one should feel proud and avoid learning a certain skill. Men mostly were advised to join different trainings because they were hesitant before.