Following the self reliance programme for Congolese Refugees, a training in Art and Crafts has been organised at the CRCU in order to equip men and women with new skills they would use as a way to overcome the many livelihood challenges they face on daily basis.
The trainer who is also a member of the community and a survivor is trying to share her knowledge with the fellow Community members. The training will include learning how to make bungles, necklaces, key holders, and many other items from beads and other materials collected from the natural environment. The pictures below are showing the learners work after learning how to make flower bowls and pots from recycled plastic bottles. The trainer showed them how to get valuable things from items they would like to throw in the bins as rubbish but also how to use grains like rice, maize or soya to make flower bowls.
It was an amazing exercise and many of the learners were surprised to get contact with new experiences. The training is helping them to open their mind widely to see the world and environment in a different way.
The CRCU is doing this by use of members contributions towards getting the materials to use. The learners are facing challenges since their living conditions are already hard. The CRCU has no funds to cover the needs of the training centre hence having a long list of the members who wished to join the trainings. They are seeking assistance from the well wishers who would like to support their initiative.