Training class in catering for the members

Training class in catering for the members

The CRCU launched on the 6th.08.2019 a training class in catering for the members. The skill will be provided to Congolese female and male refugees who will use it to make income in their lives.

The trainees reported in big number at the centre. The interest they showed was so high. We believe that many will join the class as the days keep moving on.

They will have to contribute with a little amount of money to cover the transport allowance for their trainer. The community will also add little to make the class moving.

However, one fact is that the trainees are all refugees without other ways of raising income. The class will have to suffer from regular absentees who will have to combine class hours to daily life struggles. The community will have to face that big challenge while trying to help many people who are in need of the service.

We call upon any person of good will to support us while we are trying to support the vulnerable refugees in our community.


Jean Paul