The picture shows Lawyer Frederic Biguru Kayabu during the introduction programme to the Netherland




1. While in DR Congo


Lawyer Frederic Biguru Kayabu is a motivated young lawyer and human rights defender from the Eastern of DRC, Uvira.

a. Education and research

He is a holder of a Bachelor Degree in Public and Administrative Law from the Catholic University of Bukavu (2004-2009) and author of the book in human rights and humanitarian law published in 2015 at the European University editions which is on sale on the name of “operations militaires conjointes UMOJA WETU en RDC et les violations des droits de l’homme et du droit international humanitaire qui en decoulent” ( ). Based on statistics documented by Human rights Watch and his own research, he came up with stronger analysis on the violations of human rights and humanitarian law committed by the Government of his country jointly with Rwanda against civilians during the military operations named UMOJA WETU conducted between January and February 2009 in the North-Kivu/ DRC.  From there, he concluded that the aforementioned governments should be accountable to repair all the damages caused by those operations to end up impunity. In his conclusions, he suggested that victims sue those two governments to the court of human rights of the African Union and people whereby they will be assisted by NGOs of Human Rights according to the jurisprudences.


b. Professional experience


He is a former head of juridical program of ARCHE D’ALLIANCE which is an NGO of defense of Human rights whereby he was meanwhile the focal point of network of the protection of human rights defenders in Uvira and Fizi in partnership with MONUSCO-BCNUDH, FRONT LINE DEFENDERS and EMERGENCY FOUNDS. His work was successful and professional: field work, documentation, analysis and responses.


Due to his commitments to the defense and protection of human rights in Uvira he faced threats and insecurity. As results, he fled to Uganda in 2015 to seek for asylum after having escaped from death on several attempts.


2. While in Uganda.

A. Experience with InterAid Uganda Ltd

As he was a very positive and motivated person, Lawyer Frederic Biguru Kayabu started volunteering at InterAid Uganda (InterAid is an organization that delivers services to refugees as UNHCR implementing partner) as a focal point of community mobilisers Peer educators under SGBV desk since May 2016 up to 19th May 2019 when he travelled to the Netherlands through the resettlement process organized by the UNHCR Uganda. There, he served professionally and did great achievements in the field.


B. Experience with the Norwegian Refugee Council Uganda


Meanwhile volunteering for InterAid Uganda, on 4th September 2017 in the position of community paralegal under ICLA (Information Counseling and Legal Assistance). He helped this organization to be introduced to the community and achieved its goals in short term.


C. Experience with the Congolese Refugee Community in Uganda (CRCU)


As his community was facing a huge crisis of legality and legitimacy, Lawyer Frederic Biguru Kayabu inspired the public with his brilliant reflection based on democracy and human rights. With others, he brought the idea of inclusive dialogue to resolve all the problems and organizations of elections of community leaders. He stood as candidate for the president of the elder council and won the second place. His motto was PAMOJA TUNAWEZA (TOGETHER WE CAN) which remained in use in the community. It is now more than a slogan.


Due to the high crisis between him and his colleagues, the president of the elder council, he decided to resign for keeping the community united. On 7th January 2019 he was nominated as the First Vice-President of the Congolese Refugee Community in Uganda. During his term on board he introduced the following principles:

1. An administration based on documentation rather than words

2. Democracy and human rights essentially liberty of opinion

3. Accountability.

He is a good instructor and community mobilizer. He taught his community members how to apply for the refuge status according to the Act 21 (Refugee Act 2006) and the Regulations of 2010 and how to appeal with the Refugee Appeals Board if your application has been rejected and how to advocate for a right that has been violated etc. He managed to set the administration of his community by creating different community structures within Kampala City and the settlements. He is calm and can be considered to be a qualified humanitarian personnel.


D. Awards

To honor his work towards refugees, lawyer Frederic Biguru Kayabu was awarded a trophy for advocacy for Human Rights- refugees in Uganda. This was done during the festival organized in Nakivale settlement from 8th to 10th December 2018 in partnership with Africel (Festival PAMOJA TUNAWEZA Africel Ngoma Africa Award) and Office of the Prime Minister Uganda. This date coincided with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the declaration of the human rights charter.  

He was also discerned a certificate of services in advocacy for Refugees by his community.


Since 20th May 2019, Lawyer Frederic Biguru Kayabu traveled to the Netherlands to start a new life after having rendered loyal and memorable services to his community. He is a friendly person and knows how to value the human beings rights.

His services to the community need commendations.



Frederic on the bottom right with the CRCU Executive Committee           Frederic teaching morals to his community members


Lawyer Frederic Biguru (in the bottom nealing on the pillar) during a community outreach