The burial of Pr Malamu Salumu

The burial of Pr Malamu Salumu

On the 7th August 2019, the CRCU and the members gathered for the burial of their member Pr Salumu Malamu who was taken by a sudden death on Saturday 3rd August 2019.

The burial occurred at the Entebbe graveyard after four days mourning at the late’s home in Makindye.

Pr Malamu Salumu was a very active member of the community. He suffered from a heart disease which was not treated adequately. During the vulnerability assessment exercise at the community in May 2019 he was found to be in emergency and his case was referred for further management. Unfortunately, he died before he got attended to. The community has many similar cases which have desperately waited for the assistance. The fear we have is big because we are at risk of losing many people in such circumstances.

The community and Salumu’s family will miss him.

Best regards,

Jean Paul