Grant of wheel chairs to refugee PWD

Grant of wheel chairs to refugee PWD

The Congolese Refugees Community in Uganda ( CRCU ) benefited from a grant of wheel chairs to refugees and nationals living with disabilities by the Rotary Club Munyonyo Kampala through Rotarian Gabriel Mugaruka.

The CRCU submitted a list of some members who are PWDs to the Rotary Club and today they are axauced by the grant of the wheel chairs at St Peter’s Primary school. The CRCU is much grateful towards the Rotary Club for the support they have been receiving from them. Recently in May, the Rotary Club Munyonyo through Rotarian Gabriel Mugaruka provided medicines to Congolese Refugees at their centre.

The Rotary Club has brought back the joy of many people in our community by giving them healthcare as well as putting a smile on the lips of many people who were unable to move a single inch from their beds because of the disability.

The CRCU is looking forward to building a stronger relationship with the Rotary Club Kampala of Munyonyo and other benefactors who are willing to approach the community.

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