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UN Secretary-General praises Africa’s commitment to refugees

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), praised Africa’s commitment to refugees today while addressing the 32nd Ordinary Summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

In a refrain seldom heard, and in contrast to much of the rest of the world, Guterres commended the continent’s commitment to keeping its borders open.

“Despite the continent’s own social, economic and security challenges – Africa’s governments and people have kept its borders, doors and hearts open to millions of people in need,” he said. “Unfortunately generosity is not proportional to wealth.” read more

Gaps in the education support to refugees in Kampala

Written by Jean Paul N, Chief  Editor

A big number of refugee children have no access to education in Uganda. The few who attend schools are supported by their parents and sometimes by some NGOs operating in Kampala. Refugee parents are willing to educate their children but they have no possibility because education is very expensive either in Government schools or in private schools. Government schools may be affordable because parents pay lesser money but still many refugee parents fail to meet the requirements. The UNHCR through InterAid Uganda (IAU) always complain of having no funds to cater for the education of all refugee children and rely on the policy which states that refugees living in Kampala are not supposed to receive any support. read more

The Congolese Refugee Community in Uganda (CRCU) wants to build a strong relationship with partner organizations (The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), InterAid Uganda the UNHCR implementing partner in the urban program and others)

One decade ago, the CRCU was trying to stand firm as a community and organize community structures that would be following up on the development of the living condition of the members but it was obstructed by the local NGOs that found there a threat to their integrity and a sort of competition. The CRCU was almost shut down and its leaders threatened by the Government of the host country on grounds of the false allegations led against them. That way of handling things discouraged the community members who felt discriminated or marginalized by a regime they conceived as good at harassing and less friendly. The members of the community remained scattered and no unity was among them. Each person was finding his own way of developing his life. The life challenges were not shared in the community and no one was minding he neighbor’s trials or struggles. The awakening of the community interest raised again on the initiative of some members in the community who emphasized on the togetherness and mutual support among the members. We thank the Government of Uganda and the donors who thought to bring order in the refugee regime after they had noticed what they called  Refugee Scandals and managed to conduct investigations in order to end corruption in the management. The culprits were put aside and new resolutions are being taken. The current leadership of the CRCU has proven their competency by choosing to cooperate with all the stakeholders. A strong partnership with every person who would be of help to the CRCU members is now under building and the hope to succeed together is there. read more

Open Letter on the current situation of refugees in Uganda as we begin this new 2019: Together for Common refugee agenda in Uganda based on Human Rights, Democracy and Good Governance.

Hon. Hilary Onek: Minister for Relief, Disaster, Preparedness and Refugees, Kampala – Uganda


The Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda,

Kampala Uganda

The Chairperson of the Parliamentarian Committee on Presidential Affairs,

Kampala – Uganda,

The Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament of Uganda,

Kampala Uganda,

Mr. Joel Boutrou: UNHCR Country Representative to Uganda,

Kampala Uganda,

Mr. Martin Ochora: The Inspector General of the Police, Kampala – Uganda,

Kampala Uganda,

Hon. Minister for Internal Affairs Kampala- Uganda, read more

Activities from the *CONGOLESE REFUGEE COMMUNITY IN UGANDA* on the 23.01.2019

The Congolese refugee community is glad to have received the team from InterAid led by their Executive Director today at the Congolese refugee community center in Nsambya.

Among many activities(services) our community benefited from, the Congolese refugees are grateful and willing to continue working together with InterAid Uganda.

We believe that such kind of partnership is the way we shall work with all refugee agencies that are willing to partner with the Congolese refugee community and we opt for diplomacy rather than fighting. read more





N/R : 003/CR/SG/CRCU/2019


     L’an deux mil dix neuf , le vight troisième jour du mois de janvier , il a été ténue la réunion hebdomadaire de la CRCU et dont l’ordre pas comme initiallement prévu , a été perturbé en fonction du visite de la grande équipe de l’INTER AIDE dirrigé par son DIRECTEUR EXECUTIF , il a été développé de la manière suuvante :

     Comme à la coutimée le prémier point à l’ordre du jour la prière a été introduite par le reverend pasteur DJIBRIL MULISHO read more

Migrants and refugees at higher risk of developing ill health than host populations, reveals first-ever WHO report on the health of displaced people in Europe

Copenhagen, Geneva, 21 January 2019

WHO-Europe - Home 22-1-2019 14-12-04

Migrants and refugees are likely to have good general
health, but they can be at risk of falling sick in transition or while staying
in receiving countries due to poor living conditions or adjustments in their
lifestyle. This is the main conclusion of the first “Report on the health of
refugees and migrants in the WHO European Region”, released by the WHO Regional
Office for Europe today.

“Today, political and social systems are struggling to
rise to the challenge of responding to displacement and migration in a humane
and positive way. This report is the first of its kind, and gives us a snapshot
of the health of refugees and migrants in the WHO European Region, at a time
when the migration phenomenon is expanding across the world,” says Dr Zsuzsanna
Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe.
read more

UNHCR and partners launch communication system for refugees in Uganda

A new call centre for refugees and asylum seekers is set up and operational in Kampala, Uganda. The centre will receive and respond to calls from persons of concern. 

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, the Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda (OPM) and partner agencies today officially launched a communication system for refugees and asylum seekers in Uganda. The two-way communication system is being rolled out to all refugee settlements in Uganda and is anticipated to cover the entire refugee operation by February 2019. read more

Norway will receive 900 refugees from Congo and 500 from South Sudan


This year, Norway will receive up to 1,000 refugees from Syria, 900 from Congo, and 500 from South Sudan said the Ministry of Justice.

In the state budget each year, parliament decides how large the quota of transfer refugees should be. In total, the quota for transfer refugees is 3,000 people this year.

Which refugee groups will be included in the year’s quota will be decided by the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Planning, which has determined the following distribution this year:

  • 900 Congolese refugees in Uganda
  • 750 Syrian refugees in Lebanon and up to 250 Syrian refugees in Jordan
  • 500 South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia
  • 450 refugees evacuated from Libya or other countries in North Africa

In addition, 150 open spaces and 60 medical places are counted against the sub-quotas so that the total does not exceed 3,000. read more

Congolese flee to Uganda after vote, raising Ebola fears By RODNEY MUHUMUZA

KAMPALA, Uganda — Hundreds of refugees have crossed into Uganda from Congo in the days since that country’s troubled presidential election, a Red Cross official said Wednesday, heightening concerns about the possible cross-border spread of Ebola. Separately, the head of the World Health Organization said he has asked the supplier of an experimental vaccine to produce more of it.

The refugee influx started the day after Sunday’s vote and since then dozens of people have been arriving at a time, said the Red Cross in Uganda. read more